Sep 7, 2008

Cape Charles

Mom, Margaret, Cameron and I made a trip down to the Eastern Shore of Virginia--my favorite place in the whole world--this past weekend, mostly to help Grandma and Grandpa. We enjoyed a few days of beautiful weather, and then Tropical Storm Hanna hit and it was fantastic.

Grandma and Grandpa have one of the oldest and coolest houses in town, despite no air conditioning.

We got to spend a little time at Kiptopeke State Park. This is a beautiful Peregrine Falcon.

The night before the storm hit.

On the pier.

It's kind of easy to get bored in that house.

My favorite place in the house has always been this window in the attic. We used to play up there for hours.

Cameron and I went out on the pier in the middle of Hanna. The wind was whipping, the surf pounding and spraying and the rain falling hard. It was beautiful.

We went back out after the storm was clearing up. The rain had stopped, but it was even windier.


Luke Wilhelm said...

I love storms and large bodies of water, so I really loved these pictures. I especially liked the one looking out before the storm comes in.

It's also nice to see pictures of your family and other people at home.


PS: Do you use any sort of color grading on your pictures?

Andrew Odell said...

I miss VA so bad. Last night's weather reminded me of Kiptopeke so much. It was rough...Looks like you had a ton of fun. Can't wait for October!

Krista said...

aww it looks you guys had a great time. these pictures are wonderful. Love and you miss has been way too long!


Scott Howard said...

Good times in the attic... Are those the same blocks?! Which side of the house does the window look out on?