Jan 27, 2013

The Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. They met on the very first day of college and soon became friends.
The boy and the girl liked lots of the same things like baseball.
They even liked the same shoes.
The girl and the boy did fun things together like go to Kappa parties.
And baseball games.
They were good friends for three years of college, writing letters in the summer and hanging out during the school year. But the boy and the girl never liked each other. They never thought of the other as more than just a good friend.
Until this past May when they went to Turkey. One day the boy realized that he thought the girl's freckles were really cute.
They sat together in the bus while they traveled across the country and slowly came to discover that there were feelings growing, and by the end of the trip the boy and the girl told each other that they really liked the other. Then the boy went to Oxford for the summer, and the girl went to D.C. They wrote letters and talked on Skype and counted down the days until they would return to college.
On August 22, the boy and the girl started dating. He was a wonderful boyfriend.
He tolerated many a Kappa event.
He went home with her for Thanksgiving.
He went to Kappa informal with her.
And then after Christmas, the girl got to visit the boy at his home in Oklahoma. They had a wonderful time together and realized they were in love.
The boy decided to do something about this love and asked the girl to marry him on January 26th. She gladly said yes, and a gorgeous diamond ring only added to her happiness. 
Now the boy and the girl are planning a wedding and a life together. The girl doesn't have to dream anymore, and the boy doesn't have to be sure he says "if we go to Dallas." Now they get to plan, and say, "when we go to Dallas." They are both very, very happy and plan on living joyfully and serving Christ together for the rest of their lives.
God is immeasurably good and we are blessed.


Juliet SN said...

This almost made me cry. Beautiful words and pictures :)

Rebekah Daphne said...

The switch from "if" to "when"-- I love it. :)

Melodee Skiles said...

Shannon, what a sweet story. I'm so happy for you! Marriage is the best. :)

PS - I love the Hannah Coulter post too. One of my favorite books.

Anonymous said...

A sweet story for sure, but Dallas?!

Hannah said...

Congratulations again! This post is so, so precious. Got a little teary, I did. :) I'm incredible happy for you, Shannon dear! God bless you both <3

Anonymous said...

Shannon---Congrats! I am so excited for you both!!! Beautiful story and pics! The best is yet to come!