Jan 2, 2013

Seven Specific Things

I recently bought this book by Peter Kreeft. It is a collection of letters written to his children. They are full of wisdom and practical advice, and I think it is a book I will pick up often and read over again. In one of his letters, he tells his children if they want to learn gratitude, they should tell God they are grateful for the following seven specific things each day:
  1. one specific, concrete thing in the world
  2. one specific, concrete thing in your life
  3. one specific event in the world
  4. one specific event in your life
  5. one specific person in the world
  6. one specific person in your life
  7. one attribute, aspect, or deed of God Himself
This daily practice has been infinitely helpful to me while I list seven things I am grateful for each day. As I write, I discover that there is so much in this world, and in my own life to be grateful for—things I would never think to thank God for if I wasn't writing them down. So far, I've discovered that I'm grateful for things like the building of the Eiffel Tower, God's provision of a living hope, a sister's piano playing, my Kansas trip, author Marilynne Robinson, Aunt Leslie, a stable in Bethlehem, my Nikon D300, the gift of truth, and a vacation to Acadia, among others.

What could be on your lists?

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