Jun 8, 2012

The Sea

The Aegean.
I have never been one to spend days on the beach, or to pine for trips to the Atlantic. I enjoy the ocean when it is there, but don't wish myself back. Turkey changed that. Everyday, I wish I could be on the shore of the Aegean or the Mediterranean, taking in the expansive view and the cool breeze. The Turkish seas are the most incredible things I have ever seen. There is something magical about the Sea. She holds monsters and stormy winds, white foam, and turquoise blue stripes by the coast. The Sea is a place in fairy tales where sailors embark on grand adventures, and people are overtaken by its vast and wild beauty. I am one of those people. The Sea took me in, and I fell in love. Now I change my desktop photo everyday to a dfiferent photo of the sea, and try to imagine myself along the cliffs, surrounded by the intense blue Sea.

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