Apr 19, 2012


With my little buddy.
My camera is repaired, and will soon be on its way back to me. Until then, I have been using any camera I can find. For these, I stole his mom's camera before we left for the lake. Being without a camera is reminding me not just to see beauty, but to soak it in and allow it to do something for my soul. It's easy to see it and turn and grab my camera. Now, I have to just sit and look at it. It's good for me to remember to slow down and simply love beauty for its own sake.


Chaucee said...

Ah, this is such a good reminder. To just soak it in instead of trying to always document.

EA said...

Thanks, Shan, for this thought!

And Si is not a baby any more. . . but still oh-so-huggable.