Aug 13, 2008


I have very few preferences or ideas about my future house, but this is one of them. This WILL be in my kitchen. And it will be green.

We went to the actual place where they make this olive oil two summers ago in France. Here in the US, it's $50. Liquid gold.

(Nicolas' photo)

I really love Christ Church, no matter how bored I look.
(Nicolas' photo)

We had dinner at this fantastic tapas restaurant.

(Nicolas' photo)

After dinner, ice cream at the Franklin Fountain.

It was huge. And amazing.


Evan Howard said...

Wow! Did Andrew and Cameron get scalped? Where's the hair? Anyway, great pics. I love Philly and hope you had a great time with Axelle and Nicolas.

StaffAction said...

Excellent pictures of Philly! My favorite is the one of the Liberty Bell.

adalie plain said...

I completely forgot you had a blog. I just found it again. This is exciting.

I loove your photos on here. Really.

The one of you in the church is so cute and pretty. I love it.

Okay, gotta catch up with your posts now...