Aug 25, 2008

Parentless Day Six

The words would be: tired, a little overwhelmed by school. And SO ready for Mom and Dad to come home. Taking care of three meals a day, a house, making sure everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing on top of a large pile of school is exhausting. Weeks like this make me even more thankful for my mom. :-)

The refrigerator is basically empty. The desire to make another dinner just wasn't there. So we went to Five Guy's. And it was good, of course.

We look horribly bored. But photos at dusk are cool. So are big ferns. And our porch is very cool.


Evan said...

A cool picture from an awesome place. That's what I would do if my mom was gone.

becky howell said...

I'd imagine that going to Five Guys after a busy day of homemaking would be a tasty treat...I'll have to talk to Dave about that!